For Educators

Argyle IT Solutions Understands Education

All of Argyle’s clients are given personalized solutions created with industry-best practices in order to improve their business systems. This does not stop at Education! We understand how important Information and Communications Technology is to modern education. It enables more interaction, from teacher to teacher, teacher to student, and even teacher to parents.

The Argyle team is comprised of quality professionals dedicated to providing cutting edge technology that WORKS for Education. We understand how critical it is that IT and business solutions must produce solid results for the longevity and success of an organization. We will develop custom technology solutions for your specific educational and organizational needs.

Tired of wasting thousands of dollars on outdated scan-trons? "Argyle Teaching Assistant" digitizes the results!

Tired of wasting hundreds of dollars on color vs. black and white print outs? We offer 3-Tiered color pricing!

Tired of not being able to connect to your students via Google (or any other)? We've got solutions specifically for that!

We will work with your IT department or act as your Virtual CIO.

Argyle IT understands that your internal IT department may get overwhelmed at times. We will work with them to provide the additional support they need, such as monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, and workflows. Argyle IT can provide the following:

  • Data Backup and Recovery - Utilizing the latest tools to keep your data secure and minimize downtime.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - Working with your organization's needs, both for current and future needs.
  • 24/7 Monitoring - We are proactive and we understand that ensuring the integrity of your data is critical.
  • Swift Restoring of Data and Emails - We proactively keep you up and running, many times never knowing there was a glitch.
  • Complete Redundancy - Pinpointing a single point helps prevent a crisis by spreading out your backup.
  • Virtualization - Major reduction in downtime that allows you to continue to be productive.
  • Remote Off-Site Storage - Keeping you compliant with safeguards.
  • Archiving - Understanding your needs for data retention.
  • Document Solutions - Save money by automating processes, getting rid of costly and outdated Scantron forms, controlling color print costs, and much more!.

Call Argyle IT Solutions at 419-419-5737 to find out what we can offer your educational organization today!